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Are you frustrated about losing money on trades?

Are you tired of analyzing the market 24/7 to find the trade opportunities?

Is technical analysis wasting your time and yet getting no results?

Are you hoping for the better solution?

Do not worry, we have the best solution for you.

ISHA INDICATOR (V10), Most Downloaded (Smartest) Indicator 2021, One OF A KIND Non-Repaint Indicator to All Your Trading Needs.

 Thanks to signal indicators, traders can have a better money and risk management plan too with mostly having taken profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL). It will help in generating maximum gains because an investor now trades with a regulated method through the market. Signal indicator's purpose is purely to help traders make more accurate and dependable predictions for future developments in the market.

While there are many quality signal indicators, some stands out by offering everything a trader need. When you have such easy access to the top trading tools, it puts you at a better chance of taking your career to the next level.

Isha indicator version 10 is our new upgraded version of ISHA indicator  which gives buy and sell signals for all assets(Majors, Gold, Stocks, Commodities and ...), and works on all Timeframes. 

Isha indicator V10 has been equipped by smartest features which help you to make the best decisions on time with 75% plus accuracy.

It provides the Buy/sell signals, all signals will come with two TP (Take profit targets) and one SL(Stop loss).

It gives exact information about which part of candle the signals have been generated, and define exact price entry.

Also in the latest upgrade the MA filter has been added to the strategy of indicator which filter the signals and makes them even more accurate.

Additionally, Isha has been tested and approved by many top traders, and it has more than 75% winning rate in the latest version. We performed several back-tests on Isha indicators before streaming it live. (watch our testimonials videos and feedbacks).

How it works :

It Is Super Easy. When you purchase it, you’ll receive a zip file download link. The zip file including The ISHA Indicator (Non-Repaint) Will Be Ready to Download. After Download, UNZIP the File and Install the Indicator file On Your Metatrader4 and Watch out for Its Alerts of Buy and Sell. (watch the video to review the process one more time).


Why are Isha indicators so Unique?

In Isha indicator strategy, you can adjust the setting, sensitivity of indicator, and have a custom set based on your trading style, assets, timeframe and market condition. We will provide everyone with basic guidance in simple steps how everyone can do that. We also send that to you.

So basically, in any condition, you can find the best setting and get the most out of the market. There are two unique features about this indicator that helps you find the best signals possible in each timeframe and assets.


You can try different Multiplier and reactor on the same chart and then find the most accurate signals. Check the history to see which one has the most accurate signals, then choose that one as a preset for your setting.

For instance, if you are in smaller timeframes, and you see so many signals, you should increase the multiplier number more than 3 to receive fewer signals. (more information will be provided in a tutorial PDF with the download file.)

Two straightforward steps, and then you have the best signals, still having questions or need more guidance before or after download?

Our live support chat is available 24/7 to help you.

Other features : 

  • MT4 Based.
  • All Assets (Majors, Gold, Stocks, Commodities and ...)
  • All Timeframes.
  • All Brokers and Markets.
  • Auto SL and TP.
  • Receive Notifications On Mobile And Desktop (PC/LAPTOP).
  • Accuracy improved to 75% plus in the latest version (V10).
  • Lifetime Access.
  • Free Updates.
  • License key {up to 3 account (Real, Demo)}
  • Able To Check Winning Trades In History.
  • Perfect For both Pros and Beginners.
  • Unlike Robots, You Decide To Trade The Signal Or Not.
  • Free PDF Guidelines (Phone's Notification's Activation)
  • Free PDF Guidelines (Setting Adjustments To Maximize The Result).


  •         You Receive Signal Arrows (Buy/Sell).
  •         Buy/Sell Symbol Text Will Be Attached With Arrows On The Chart.
  •          Auto Sl and tp.
  •         You will be notified By Alarms. 
  •         Phone Notification Alerts.


How to download MT4 :

 Download MT4 for windows 

Download MT4 for your mac with tutorial PDF (Zip file).

Download MT4 on Linux 


The Best Broker to use :

our trading tools works on all mt4 brokers,

although, One of the most important point about brokers while using trading tools are having low fees- low Swap and also High-SPEED servers.

Faster serves result in faster analysis by robots or indicators and catching the price movement faster, therefor faster entry or exit and more profit;

Among all brokers we have tested during backtests, Opoforex broker had the best and maximum results.

Click here for Opoforex broker:  Opo Forex Broker website


Watch And Learn 

How to launch ISHA Indicator On MT4 

Don't forget to send us your MT4 ACCOUNT NUMBER to receive the LICENSE KEY, contact us through our live support chat on website Or  email us at Our team will send the key in less than 24 hours.

How to activate the indicator with license key :

  1. After launching process, on your MT4 indicators menu, double-click on ISHA indicator,

How Isha Indicator Works and The Best Strategy To Use :


  Live Testimonials Of ISHA Indicator On Live Charts :

 Currency Pair :USD/JPY

 Timeframe : 1 Minute

  Date: 10/09/2020

Currency pair : EURO/USD

 Timeframe: 1 minute

 Date : 09/09/2020.



Timeframe : H1

Settings : adjusted to catch long Swings;

From (December 19, 2020) to (January 20, 2021).

Feedbacks :

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Important Tutorial :

How to complete the payment and download Isha indicator using our secured payment methods 


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