5 star reviewed trading tools

How to Checkout

In order to do download any of our trading tools,

Proceed to the software page;

Scroll down to see the ADD TO CART button ,click on it and proceed to the checkout page. 

In checkout page;

 Two options available:

First apply your discount code if you have any;

Option One _ if you want to use PayPal for your payment, then click on buy with PayPal and then check out using PayPal.

Two _ if you want to use other payment methods (Visa, master, Amex, Apple pay, cryptocurrency)

In the same page and link, fill-up the form and click ok continue to payment. 

Then on the next page, you see our other payment methods, choose your payment method and complete your purchase.


Important Note:

If your transaction is getting declined (card declined, transaction not going through, ...), 99% of the times, the cookies on your browser history is blocking the transaction.

You will need to try from a different browser or use a new private window browser or(incognito) and then complete the purchase process from a new browser window.