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When you are to trade in the financial market, it can surely be time-consuming to find the one that can meet your needs. Normally, you have to read and visit a number of trading websites, and most of these have different uses of language. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose an online trading platform, especially for the beginner for whom new hurdles may come in the form of a complex platform having confusing fee structures and difficult trading terminologies.

It is always crucial to have a reliable and capable broker for online trading success; it is important to make sure that it is not unreliable or fake to avoid losing your investment. You have to ensure that the profile of your chosen trading platform can fit your needs to have a profitable relationship.

In the financial markets, Opoforex one of the most trusted partner for many investors over the course of a few months, as it offers easy access and ultra-tight access to many forex pairs and CFDs on the crypto currencies’ energy, commodities, shares, indices and metals with a choice of four different types of accounts. As Opoforex has become the choice of thousands of traders worldwide and is completely authorized and licensed, it has become a fantastic opportunity for beginners.


What is Opoforex?

In order to assist ambitious investors from all parts of the world, Opoforex was established in 2021 to make them realize their economic potential in an economic environment that is always changing. Opoforex offers a completely different trading experience to its clients as it truly focuses on giving the information and resources necessary to develop their financial future.

Having a 360-degree trading view, Opoforex also has a unique website that is easy to use. The company that runs Opoforex is OPO GROUP LLC having registration number 866LLC2021. It is regulated and supervised by reputable organizations. OPO GROUP LLC is a limited liability corporation that was registered under The Provision of Investment Services Act of the amended laws of Chapter 151 of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2009.

In the ever-expanding field of online CFD training, Opoforex surely offers its investors a gateway. Because of its sophisticated trading channels, user-friendly interface, open and fully secure trading conditions, with Opoforex, you will be getting an unrivalled business experience. Its unwavering commitment to the customers brings this broker to the top of the dynamic online trading market.

By introducing multilingual support, more than 300 trading tools and 8000+ global accounts, Opoforex has successfully drawn the interest of traders from all over the world. Their main focus is to establish themselves as a go-to resource for those people who would like to have a safe and informed way so that they can invest their capital. The idea is to offer a reliable platform and a stable foundation that can be helpful to maximize the trading potential of the investors.


Trading Platforms of Opoforex

Opoforex offers you trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and Fiboda that are quite well-known.

  • MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is an advanced trading platform specialize in helping users to create and automate the complex trades. There is a wide range of market indicators provided by MetaTrader 4 to its users when they make their trades. Now it is offered by Opoforex and can be used in a variety of different markets.

With this platform, you can run more than 30 different languages and have a great option to copy the activities of other traders who are successful. Although it is known to be a forex trading platform, one can also use it for trades within other markets, like options and futures. Its other strategies and services include charting tools, indexes, scripts, automated risk control and also real-time business execution.


  • Fiboda

Opoforex also offers Fiboda, which is one of the leading social, copy-trading and multi-broker platforms. It is very helpful for people to adopt different strategies of thousands of traders around the world who are performing very well. With Fiboda, you have the option to invest by copy-trading with the best of the traders in commodities, indices, Forex, Stocks and Crypto CFDs.

The main aim of Opoforex is to provide its traders with one of the most engaging of experiences with the help of a reliable forum that is acclaimed for the traders’ assistance all around the world. Operating as an open ecosystem, Fiboda accepts investors and traders from around 50 brokerage firms. The following are the different ways through which the traders can benefit from Fiboda.

  • You have different choices of language available for the best user experience.
  • Throughout your Fiboda experience, you have the advantage of contacting their Customer Support on a 24/7 basis, and this high-quality service offers tight spreads with fast and secure implementation.
  • Fiboda gives you the opportunity to trade from your smartphone, PC, tablet or any other computer.
  • In order to ensure maximum confidentiality, data encryption equipment is used by Fiboda.


Opoforex Trading Accounts

In order to suit the different requirements and needs of the clients, there are a number of formats of trading accounts provided by Opoforex that are based on the ideal result-oriented strategies and the current dimensions of the market. The minimum deposit requirement at Opoforex is $100, while the ECN, ECN Pro, and Copy Trade, Opoforex needs $100, $10,000 and $200, respectively.

  • Standard Account

This is the most popular of the account types at Opoforex that is considered to be suitable for the newbies as well as experienced traders. The Standard Account starts from $100, has low spreads and fast execution. It is a swap-free account, and you get a leverage of up to 1:500.


  • ECN Account

Electronic Communication Network or ECN is quite popular in the retail forex world because of the execution speed, transparency and its competitive pricing offers. The minimum deposit of the ECN account is $100. There is low commission and nearly zero spread, whereas it is swap-free and offers leverage up to 1:500.


  • ECN Pro Account

The ECN account is specially intended for professionals who would like to invest in the best trading conditions with tight spreads. Its minimum deposit is $10,000 with a low commission. It offers zero spread, the leverage is up to 1:500, whereas the swap-free account is also available.


  • Copy-Trade Account

The Copy-Trade Account combines all of the best features of the ECN accounts and is therefore suitable for the ones who would like to do advanced trading. Its minimum deposit is $200, and for a copy-trading experience, Fobida is provided. Its leverage is up to 1:500, whereas a swap-free account is also available.


  • Demo Account

For the Standard, ECN and ECN PRO models, demo accounts are offered by Opoforex. For beginners, these accounts can become a superb way to test a number of techniques and practice them in the real-world environment. In order to help future investors gain experience without risking their real money, the demo accounts are financed with fake money. This way, you can start planning the actual trade in the coming days.


Opoforex Trading Instruments

There are different trading instruments offered by Opoforex. The following are the assets that you can trade with Opoforex.

  • Forex Trading

Opoforex provides dozens of currency pairs for those who are looking for forex brokers in order to trade forex CFDs, the currency pairs in the Forex markets all around the globe.


  • Spot Metals

You have the option to select from a wide variety of assets when using Opoforex metal CFD trading. Opoforex will help you take a position in a wide range of metal markets. You can take advantage of their advanced trading tools in order to identify the key trading opportunities.


  • Spot Energies

For short-term trading, CFDs on energies have become quite a popular choice, especially when there is an increase in energy consumption during the growth period and an increase in demand. The commodity market is brought to your home with the help of Opoforex because it allows you to trade CFDs on the fluctuating commodity prices on energy goods, oil, natural gas and other agricultural goods.


  • CFD Shares

The traders with Opoforex are allowed to lend in CFDs by using leverage that is suitable for their financial requirements at low rates. The traders can access the contracts for differences, and he gives them the ability to trade quickly and efficiently.


How does Copy Trading work with Opoforex?

When you get shortlisted for the potential copy traders that tend to match your investment strategy, then it can be a matter of a few seconds to set up copy trading. There is a different fee charged by each copy trader, and normally, it is a percentage of profit that they make you. The copy traders also have a minimum deposit requirement that must be met in order to copy their trades. The investors can check whether they are happy with all the terms and then set their trading limits.

Opoforex trader copying may be stopped at any time when the trader unsubscribes the subscription to that copy trader. It is worth noting that copy trading with Opoforex is not at all subscribe and forget. It is necessary for the investor to monitor the markets and all the traders that they are copying. As copy trading can be risky, therefore, live trading markets and historical trading success may not be guaranteed any future success.


How Opoforex protects its clients?

Opoforex always complies with the safety standards for the client’s funds. This is the reason why the client’s funds are kept in the international banks that are well-reputed, and these funds are completely segregated from the funds of the company.

The regulatory status and the administrative body of a broker are very important if you are to choose a broker like Opoforex. Your capital may be at risk with the brokers who tend to conduct the trades without the supervision of a proper regulatory body at their own discretion.

Opoforex is regulated and never manipulates the market prices. When a withdrawal request is sent to Opoforex, it is always honoured. The regulated status of Opoforex may get stripped if any of the regulatory rules will be violated.


Customer Support

Opoforex provides excellent customer support as it offers live chat and email support in a number of languages. There is a team of support specialists assembled by Opoforex who are specialized to provide the traders with technological and skilled assistance. These customer support representatives are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The overall answer times for emails are excellent. Their team is always ready to answer and resolve any queries. The phone support is equally good and very quick, as it is able to answer any issues and questions on the phone successfully. The multilingual team is always available to make sure that the queries are answered up to the satisfaction of the customers.


Opoforex Educational Resources

Opoforex offers educational and analysis features together with the materials and the research tools that are important for beginners. At the Opoforex's Forex Academy, the traders will be educated on trading forex, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The educational tools can be very helpful for people to acquire a better understanding of how the financial markets actually work and how they can steadily improve their trading skills.

The traders are able to polish their skills and participate in a number of trading contests, which can be very helpful for them. Other than that, technical and market analysis with a good range of trading tools and professional trading analytics are also available. Traders can also take advantage of the fundamental analysis of future transactions. This will surely make them prepared to access the potential transaction and make better-informed decisions.

The provided platform also offers access to the transaction and trading history while having great research tools that include calculators, a news feed, strategy builders and trading ideas, together with some of the most powerful features.


Pros and Cons of Opoforex


  • With Opoforex, the traders are able to start off with a $100 deposit, and this is a very good advantage for those starters who would like to have ease into trading. The traders also find their tutorials and educational tools to be very helpful, whereas it also offers ultra-tight spreads and quick execution.
  • The availability of Opoforex to the traders is 24 hours a day and five days a week.
  • Their customer service and support team have experience of several years and also holds a solid reputation. Therefore, their clients never have any problem with the solutions that they offer.
  • The phone and email support of Opoforex are also very timely, while the emails are answered very quickly.
  • In a few months, Opoforex has gained a reputation and popularity and is therefore globally supported.
  • There are more than 300 trading instruments offered by Opoforex.
  • Opoforex also offers a copy-trading platform and has been able to build customized tools and solutions for investments. This can be helpful to either go with copy trading or get solutions from the market professionals. Copy trading can be the best choice for a reliable and easy investment among a huge number of traders.
  • There is a wide variety of payment methods credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, bitcoin etc.



  • As compared to other trading platforms, Opoforex has a higher minimum deposit to start trading.
  • Offshore regulation is another disadvantage of Opoforex.


Deposits and withdrawal methods of Opoforex

Opoforex offers various payment methods to its users. The process is very simple, through which the traders can easily deposit or withdraw funds in a quick way by using the payment method that they prefer. The traders are also completely free to make as many trades as they want.

It is worth noting that various payment methods depend on the entity and the country of residence of the clients. The Opoforex funding methods include.

  • Wire Transfer (Through Universal Capital Bank)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Local Transfer
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum, Ripple and Neo
  • E-Wallets
  • Neteller

The withdrawal fees of Opoforex vary, as it depends on the selected payment method of withdrawal. There are different withdrawal methods of each brokerage firm and also different transfer processing fees, processing time and currency conversion fees for each of the providers. The conversion fee also depends on the base currency, the receiving currency and the payment provider.


Which countries accept Opoforex?

Traders from all parts of the world rely on Opoforex as it offers a very safe and reliable trading environment. In a little time, Opoforex has become one of the biggest trading platforms in the world because of its policies. As it has become the most reliable and sophisticated platform, therefore, thousands of traders from all parts of the world accepted Opoforex as their trading platform. The status of a global trading platform is given to Opoforex because it operates in the continents of Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa.


Making money with Opoforex

There is no doubt that traders are having great success with Opoforex. It may not be a get-rich scheme trading on the financial markets with Opoforex, but as an investor, if you educate yourself properly, start practicing with a demo account and plan your trading in a careful way, then your chances of success will be greatly increased. It is always wise not to trade with money that you are not able to afford to lose because losses can exceed deposits.

Those clients or traders who would like to have a long-term trading relationship with Forex trading will not have any issues with Opoforex regarding withdrawals. The money is withdrawn and replenished in a quick way. There surely are many scams out there in the market, but Opoforex will not be disappointing its clients as it is there to stay and serve them.

People love trading with Opoforex for a number of reasons. First of all, the excellent order execution and very quick withdrawals. Secondly, it has a huge selection of trading platforms, payment systems and accounts. Moreover, there is Cryptocurrency trading also available for the Opoforex clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In case of any questions or queries, or a confusion about a certain matter, you always have the chance to contact their support services on their contact page as it is indicated on their website. Once you become the client of this company, you can count on everything that they offer. Novice traders get help, and the ones who have trading experience will be supporting them. Therefore, trading and making money becomes a reality with Opoforex.


Bottom Line

Opoforex proves to be a well-regulated broker and is always one step ahead of its competition because of the cutting-edge technological solutions that it offers. This has proven to be very helpful for traders of any strategy and size to engage in trading, and even beginners can take advantage of it. There is a wide variety of accounts and assets that brings a number of options to trade. The ultra-high performance applications and high-tech analytical tools enable the traders to profit and make sure that they get a very quick and straightforward trading experience.

Every Opoforex trader is also guaranteed that their investments, documents, assets and transfers will be completely protected and kept private by following national and international laws. Opoforex is differentiated in the trading world because of its technology, intelligence and authenticity. Along with the overall treatment, this broker serves many services regardless of the size of the investment and the experience of the investors. In order to see how Opoforex works, it is better never to hesitate to check its demo account if you are planning to trade with this trader.


Start trading with Opoforex

You will be required to sign up when opening your trading account with Opoforex. Once you happen to receive the login details through email, made a deposit and submitted the identification documents, next you go to downloading the trading platform chosen by you. You can register with Opoforex by clicking on the link https://my.opoforex.com/register?a=105.