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CMC Markets is one of the leading online financial trading company, offering spread betting and CFDs across the best global markets. It is ranked as the winner for the best overall Forex broker for a range of offers. Today it boasts 80,000 active clients, thousands of new instruments, and an annual trade volume of 64.5 million.

 This CMC market is here to break down it's offering, looking at the advanced trading platform, accounts, fees, market hours, and much more.

CMC market takes a look at their massive rise to global success. The company was founded in 1989 by Peter Cruddas. At that time, it was a foreign exchange market maker under the name of Currency Management Corporation.

By 1996, the company had launched a first-time forex trading platform and declared to have made the first-ever online FX deal, appreciation to their MarketMaker software.

2000 saw the new introduction of CFD trading at CMC; this is the year after spread betting on financial markets was approachable. These two major financial products were to form the core of CMC’s business in the upcoming days.


CMC Trading Platform

 CMC is offering a variety of trading platforms; what exactly can you trade on their software?

  • Over 300 major global currencies
  • Major global indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities, including silver, gold, and oil
  • 9000+ shares from about 23 countries (CFDs)
  • Gilts, bonds, and some treasury notes

 CMC Trading Platform



Firstly, the CMC market for the Next Generation web platform is relatively positive. It can be straightforwardly attainable from any html5 web browser. The smooth interface and easy-to-navigate platform have influenced users.

Another benefit that is spotted is the customizability on offer. While the trade ticket design is so easy, you can expand it to put on stops and limits and view book pricing depth. In addition to this, when in the trade ticket window, flipping between order types is effortless.

You will find the approximated margin at the end of the trade ticket window, depending on trade size and margin demands for your specific product.

On top of that, deciding between regular stop-loss, guaranteed stop-loss, and trailing stop orders (GSLO) is very simple.


Linking is another unique feature worth mentioning. It recognizes you to connect several windows on the layout. This turn-out in any change in one module being upgraded across the other linked modules with related data for the same mentioned instrument.

CMC Chart Trading

Plotting on the bespoke Next Generation platform is more powerful. You have an approach to 115 technical indicators. You can also add studies to each plot. When you compare the CMC offers to other brokers, you will likely find others provide just a few technical indicators.

In addition to this, you have several option sections that can be quickly approached from the bottom of each chart window:

  • Chart type
  • Draw tools
  • Patterns
  • Timeframe

Pattern Recognition

Another distinctive feature of the CMC trading platform is Pattern Recognition. This gives traders several ways of trading and examining price action. The result of this is the ability to develop and apply advanced strategies.

You will also get entrance to the client's sensibility indicator. It shows the sentiment of the firm's significant client exposure and both buys and sells for each instrument.

Offering of investments

The following table offers the different investment products available to CMC Markets clients.




CMC Markets

Forex: Spot Trading


Currency Pairs (Total Forex pairs)


CFDs - Total Offered


Social Trading / Copy-Trading


Cryptocurrency traded as actual


Cryptocurrency traded as CFD



Fees Comparison


CMC Markets

Minimum Initial Deposit


Average Spread EUR/USD - Standard

0.74 (August 2020)

All-in Cost EUR/USD - Active

0.64 (August 2020)

Active Trader or VIP Discounts



Platforms & Tools

Rank: 4th (of 30)

The CMC Markets to the upcoming Generation trading platform is quick, reliable, and packed with tools and new features, making it a market head that will impress even the choosy traders. In 2020, the coming Generation won our award as one of the best Web Based Platform.

Platform usability: During my examination, I was extremely impressed with the upcoming Generation platform’s layout, which pivots on usability and speed. For example, the layout wizard lets you select between floating or fixed windows, in addition to pre-defined layouts or custom setup.

 Another mentioned example, module linking is authorized with five levels color-coded, which saves your time when clicking a given watch list symbol and seeing the corresponding chart latest update to the given instrument.

Charting: When it comes to mentioning charts, the Next Generation experience is pretty good. There are 80 technical highlighters and studies, 40 drawing tools, and 60 candlestick patterns (73 including 13 chart patterns) that are feasible for attachment.

One characteristic that stands out from the plotting experience is the Breakout and exploring Patterns tools, classified and ranked by their signal strong probability. These plot patterns auto-adjust when the chart time-scale is manipulated, enabling traders to scan from a one-minute chart to a monthly chart and see any linked patterns identified.

Chart Forum: CMC Market's latest alteration is its Chart Forum offering, a social-media way forum that permits you to post technical analysis and overview the posts of others directly on a chart, including posts from CMC Markets analysts. Once enabled, if you want a EUR/USD chart, for example, and click to see a user's position in the accompanying Chart Forum section, their full examination (indicators included) given on your chart.

Naturally, you want to be more careful with who you take suggestions from, but being able to differentiate in-house staff from the public is an excellent innovation, and I was enormously impressed. The characteristics reminded me of IG’s Community.

Automated trading: However, advanced order types, such as the Boundary Order, are provided to help traders set a deviation parameter (e.g., limit potential slippage), the coming Generation platform doesn't feature the ability to run programmed trading strategies.

Although pattern recognition and social-trading tools are available, traders who need automated trading can choose the CMC Markets MT4 platform. However, it is reserved for a much smaller product range.

MetaTrader: With only 62 instruments available in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and far fewer tools and features, I never recommend MetaTrader over to the upcoming Generation.



CMC Markets

Virtual Trading (Demo)


Proprietary Platform


Desktop Platform (Windows)


Web Platform


Social Trading / Copy-Trading


MetaTrader 4 (MT4)


MetaTrader 5 (MT5)




Charting - Indicators / Studies (Total)


Charting - Drawing Tools (Total)


Charting - Trade From Chart


Watchlists - Total Fields


Order Type - Trailing Stop


Commission and fee

If trading costs value to you, CMC Market has you covered. In 2020, CMC Market close up is best in class in the given category, thanks to its low spread offering, provided to all its customer segments and types of account.

Average spread

CMC Markets Provides competitive pricing that is much better than the industry average, with a typical spread of 0.74 pips on the EUR/USD, as stated in Cmc Markets price data for august 2020.

Forex rebates

CMC Markets provides active traders liquidity rebates starting at 5$ per million when you excel at least 25$ million in hypothetical trading volumes per month, to as much as 10$ per million specifically for those that trade over 300$ million per month. This program in the UK is explicitly given to professional clients.

Having the medial s[pread data of 0.74 pips on the USD for August 2020, the all-in cost on the maximum rank would be 0.64 pips and is linked to the same programs offered by Saxo bank (0.6 pips) and IG (0.59 pips)

Alpha rebates for shares trading

Cmc markets Alpha provides a free approach to various services like premium reports, trading central, and market data, consisting of three ranks. The base tier, classic, needs eleven trades per month and the second tier, active investor, requires 11-30 transactions per month or five dealings with a minimum of 500$ in commission spend. Last, maximum level, premium trader, is available if you place more than 30 transactions monthly.




CMC Markets is managed through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 173730. The broker also takes several steps to ensure client funds are not inter-mingled with corporate funds, in line with the U.K. FCA's client money rules. This ensures that client benefits are protected in the unlikely event that CMC becomes insolvent by grabbing those funds in segregated accounts at synchronized banks. Furthermore, these separated funds are held in many U.K. and European banks to scatter risk further.

Clients also have more asset protection through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £85,000. Still, there are no private insurance layers, which is an exclusion, given CMC's large industry footprint. Negative balance protection is now commanded under ESMA rules that went into effect in 2018.


 The broker's dealing desk reacts as the initial counter-party on all CFD trades and spread bets, but pricing is manual through the platforms, reducing interest potential competition.

CMC's software security is ranged with the best that the industry has to offer. In addition to two-factor and biometric authentication, a specific timer will log the user from the mobile application if it is not being used for a duration.




Let's talk about education; CMC Markets participates with the best in the industry by providing forex and CFD traders a variety of schooling selection in different formats, including written articles, video updates, podcasts, and live webinars.


Written content: In between the forex trading basics and related beginner articles, along with more advanced strategy guides and content about cryptocurrency trading, I counted for a minimum of 34 articles.

Educational videos and podcasts: CMC Markets gives various learning latest videos and podcasts on its YouTube channel, some of which are available on its website and different platforms. For example, the Artful Trader Series 3 consist of eight recordings, and the Opto Sessions series have nearly a dozen. Besides this platform tutorials, there are an additional 17 videos in CMC Markets learn section also combined into its Next Generation mobile app.

Webinars: CMC Markets has a pretty good selection of webinars throughout the week from offices in Australia and the UK, led by an in-house examiner and Trade with accuracy, a third-party provider.

Room for improvement: CMC Markets has a healthy startup for its educational content; although, there is room for improvement. For example, by adding quizzes and advance tracking and centralizing all the materials in just one place, CMC Markets offering would better take part with IG or AvaTrade.

All about the CMC market.


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